Discover Hidden Hallows on Webnovel

Discover Hidden Hallows on Webnovel

Hidden Hallows, a Fantasy Romance novel consisting of 171 Chapters, written by Blissfullrage, has achieved over 986.7 Thousand views on Webnovel. Explore the summary and more of Hidden Hallows below.

Hidden Hallows Summary and Summary

Eris Hallows is no ordinary witch, for she harbors a secret that she protects at all costs. However, when a chain of supernatural events occurs during her investigation, she finds herself caught between the alpha shifter and head vampire in her town, as the enigmatic case becomes increasingly complex. Will she be able to resist the allure of these two men? Or will she give in to their tempting ways and end up in a complicated situation? Join Eris on her journey as she navigates her life, trying to keep herself away from the irresistible men that keep crossing her path.

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