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An established 10 year old content business in the health & wellness industry earning average $3,000 per month.

Site Age

10 years

Monthly Profit

USD $3,305 /mo

Profit Margin


Page Views

33,243 p/mo

Profit Multiple


Revenue Multiple





About the business

This listing is for a 10 year old digital advertising, sponsored content and influencer marketing business created in November 2012 in the culinary and health & fitness niches. The site’s expenses are very low so there is a high margin for profit.

This WordPress site features informational articles, original special diet recipes, listicles, and roundup posts for natural holistic living. The blog is popular in the special diet niche including keto, gluten-free, sugar-free, low carb, paleo and vegan.

Opportunities for Growth:

This site has massive potential for growth with a consistent long-term reader base, domain authority and backlinks for SEO. The following are ways to boost traffic and advertising revenue:

  • Optimize posts with the highest RPM (revenue per thousand impressions). These are posts that pay out the highest per view and they are listed on the AdThrive dashboard. As a member of AdThrive, you can work with their dedicated agents who will give personalized help to increase revenue and traffic.
  • Consistently create new content. The more new posts you put out the higher the traffic will grow. Use KeySearch.co for SEO keyword discovery and optimization. Hiring VA writers or content creators may speed along this process.
  • Update existing evergreen and high-performing site content with an SEO focus.
  • Grow email list with targeted lead magnets.
  • Work with companies on sponsored content. Since the blog has a long history and reader trust, working with sponsors is an easy fast way to increase revenue. The site consistently gets many emails from companies wanting to collaborate on sponsored posts on the blog and social media. This email inbox is included in the sale, so all opportunities for advertising will come to you. Putting in a couple hours a week reaching out to brands yields a big return in sponsored postings.
  • Consistently post on social media especially instagram and pinterest. Utilize pinterest with the automated tailwind posting tool as well as tailwind tribes for traffic. All social media is included in the sale and totals over 100k followers combined (see individual follower count below).

Revenue Generation:

  • Blog sponsored content & influencer marketing (75%)
  • AdThrive (23%)
  • Affiliate programs/ebook sales (2%).

Sponsored Content:

In the past year Healy Eats Real has worked with 13 companies on sponsored content, many of whom had contracts for repeated content. Some of these companies include:

  • Target
  • Kroger
  • iHerb
  • Vital Proteins
  • Albertsons
  • Walmart
  • Quest Nutrition
  • Vital Farms
  • Truvia
  • New Chapter vitamins

Included in the sale of this business are:

  • Domain with all site content and files
  • All social media accounts (Facebook-35k, Instagram-19k, Pinterest-45k, Twitter-8k)
  • Email list (5K+ subscribers)
  • Contact email for site (many sponsored opportunities come to this email)

Traffic & Demographics:

  • The top three channels driving traffic to the site are organic (50%), social (27%) and direct (19%).
  • The top three countries driving traffic are the US (65%), CA (8%) and UK (6%).
  • The top three user ages are 25-34 (23%), 35-44 (22%) and 45-54 (17%).
  • Readers are 72% female and 27% male.

Maintaining and growing the blog:

The best way to maintain and grow this blog is with consistent posting on the blog keeping SEO and keyword research in mind. In addition, continued activity on social media keeps the brand value high and keeps sponsors interested in buying sponsored content. There is ample opportunity for a Buyer to update evergreen and high-performing site content with an SEO focus.

Since the blog has a long history and reader trust, working with sponsors is an easy way to increase revenue. I consistently get many emails from companies wanting to collaborate on sponsored posts on the blog and social media. In addition, I have a list of companies I’ve worked with previously as well as a formula for reaching out and pitching brands for potential collaboration. Putting in a couple hours a week reaching out to brands yields a big return in sponsored postings.

I have spent an average of 25 hours per week on the site primarily writing blog posts and social media posts, taking photographs/videos for content, coordinating with sponsors, and creating newsletters. I have written most of the content on the site, but I have a small amount of guest posts and outsourced writing and photography content.

Why I’m selling:

Because I changed to a more demanding software engineering career in July 2022, I don’t have time to manage Healy Eats Real anymore. I haven’t been able to take on sponsored post opportunities or spend time growing traffic. I would like to hand over the business to someone who has time to dedicate to running and growing it. It has a long history, domain authority and a following– it just needs someone who has the time to manage it.

Summer revenue:

Summer is notoriously a low spend time for advertisers so every year the revenue dips quite a bit in the summer. It’s best to plan ahead for this yearly dip.

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