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The novel “The Alpha’s Prisoner” on Webnovel consists of 100 chapters and falls under the Fantasy Romance genre. It was written by Rafaella Dutra and has garnered over 254.4 thousand views. Find a summary of “The Alpha’s Prisoner” and more information below.

The Alpha’s Prisoner Summary

Explore a world where werewolves and humans coexist, yet are separated by an unspoken law. In this world, werewolves reign supreme and human beings are mere pawns in their game.

In “The Alpha’s Prisoner,” we follow the story of young human woman, Emily, who finds herself abducted by a werewolf alpha named Ethan. Emily is taken to his pack’s territory and is held captive as his prisoner.

Despite her fear and confusion, Emily feels drawn to the alpha male and begins to see a softer side to him. As she learns more about the werewolf culture, Emily realizes that not everything is as black and white as she once believed.

Will Emily be able to resist the alpha’s charms and escape his grasp? Or will she succumb to the lure of his dominance and surrender to his will? Find out in “The Alpha’s Prisoner.”

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